• David M Keene

    David M Keene

    Chief Executive Officer

    Having managed direct response campaigns and media properties for non-profits, campaigns, and for-profit organizations since 2001, David brings extensive industry experience to bear. A firm believer in individual sovereignty & liberty, David feels that all 5 protections of the First Amendment to The U.S. Constitution are vital to the preservation of liberty.

    At AMS, David is focused on ensuring that real news and important ideas are communicated effectively — and that all Americans who should want a voice in the political process have one.

    David is a Virginia native and lives in Fredericksburg – where he founded an instructional woodworking facility. He spends his time pursuing a variety of outdoor activities with his family and often enjoys building things out of wood or metal.

  • Greg Bryce

    Greg Bryce


    An experienced digital marketing professional, Greg has been working in the political field — both in policy and campaigns – for over ten years, and he enjoys being a key part of the political process.

    At AMS, Greg ensures that the very best and most engaging content is shared with our audiences — and he believes that getting the right information to Americans is a vital piece of a free and open republic.

    Greg holds a Juris Doctorate from Western Michigan University and now resides in Washington, DC.

  • Ben Svendsen

    Ben Svendsen

    Technical Director

    Ben Svendsen is the in-house developer for AMS.

    Ben has been programming since childhood in the early 2000s and has been involved in politics for nearly as long. He went to college in Virginia for political science and lives in West Virginia with his wife and 3 awesome sons.

  • Caitlin Contestable, Esq.

    Caitlin Contestable, Esq.


    A Member of the Maryland Bar, Caitlin has spent the majority of her legal career advising political clients on the intricacies of federal campaign finance regulations and other laws implicated by dynamic and evolving political campaigns. Most recently, Caitlin has advised political organizations on how to conduct compliant peer-to-peer and auto dialer text messaging campaigns to communicate with their target audience.

    At AMS, Caitlin handles compliance and contract matters, and skillfully navigates the legal and regulatory landscape.

  • Krista Oliver

    Krista Oliver

    Video & Social Media Director

    Krista’s experience & passion for storytelling and digital media have her making engaging videos for AMS platforms and social media. She brings in relevant guests for interviews and occasionally does ground reporting.

    She worked for The Daily Caller as a Video Journalist and covered Trump’s Impeachment, COVID-19, and the George Floyd riots. Krista has produced a live Fox Business segment called, ‘Wounded Warriors’ alongside Jennifer Griffin. She is a National Journalism Center alumna and was placed at Radio America where she was a producer and editor for their ‘Oral Histories’ of U.S. veterans.

    Krista graduated from Ole Miss in December of 2019 with a B.A. in Broadcast Journalism and a minor in Political Science. During her time at Ole Miss, she had her own show for Rebel Radio, was a NewsWatch T.V. Reporter, and a Resident Assistant.

  • Daniel DeCarlo

    Daniel DeCarlo

    Digital Content Editor

    His writing has appeared in The Federalist, American Greatness, The American Conservative, and The Berkley Forum – Daniel is an accomplished writer with a comprehensive track record.

    At AMS, Daniel edits and produces news that is seen and sought after by hundreds of thousands of readers every day allowing him to professionally indulge his passion for politics and ideas.

    A native of Buffalo, NY he now lives in Washington, D.C. where he enjoys studying religion, history and participating in the capitol’s exciting world of cloak and dagger politics. Daniel graduated from Daemen College with a degree in History and Political Science.

  • Jeff Isaak

    Jeff Isaak

    Digital Content Editor/Staff Writer

    Experienced in the policymaking arena, public relations, and campaigns, Jeff brings unique insight to his work at AMS.

    Jeff’s career focus has been on the use of targeted messaging to persuade voters. Recently, he served as the political director on Rep. Denver Riggleman’s campaign. At AMS, he brings that experience to bear by ensuring that AMS partners deliver the most relevant news and information to readers and viewers.

    As an Iowa native — Jeff has firsthand exposure to retail politics and corn. Lots of corn. Jeff now calls Alexandria, VA home — where he can be found participating in bar trivia, studying history, or enjoying professional sports in his spare time.

  • Lisa Lombardo

    Lisa Lombardo

    Administrative Assistant/List Manager

    Lisa is the administrative assistant at AMS where she coordinates all the administrative functions of the office as well as client billing and banking. She previously worked in Las Vegas advocating on behalf of Nevada Test Site workers through the Department of Labor.

    An interest in politics brought her to the nation’s capital where she enjoys learning about the country’s formation and exploring its historical landmarks.

  • Nancy Jackson

    Nancy Jackson

    Content Editor/Staff Writer

    Nancy puts her writing and reporting skills to work to deliver honest and accurate stories that Americans want to read. Nancy brings a passion for politics and experience as a journalist to her role.

    A graduate from the University of Mississippi’s School of Journalism and a Georgia native, Nancy loves watching her Ole Miss Rebels and UGA Dawgs dominate the SEC, exploring the great outdoors, and all animals big and small. You can usually catch her touring new D.C. brunch spots on Sundays.

  • Collin Short

    Collin Short

    Sales & Development Associate

    Collin’s first political experience was passing out popcorn at a campaign event at the age of 5. He started his career as an intern with a digital fundraising agency helping to write and traffic email fundraising copy. Then Collin spent time on Capitol Hill working for a United States Senator.

    Collin graduate from Baylor University in Waco, TX. with a double major in Professional Sales and Finance. At Baylor, he was highly involved on campus. Collin served as a Student Class Senator where he fought for an $8,000 allocation to bring Ben Shapiro to campus. In addition, Collin served at his local church and was a captain on his club sports team.

    Collin is originally from Colorado and now resides in the great state of Texas.

  • Daniel Roth

    Daniel Roth

    Content Editor

    Daniel started his career as an intern — and eventually became an employee working for a well-established Republican Digital fundraising agency. Daniel constantly has his finger on the pulse of America, and knows what news liberty-minded Americans are seeking on a daily basis.

    At AMS, Daniel produces content and assists with a variety of social media and administrative tasks — ensuring that AMS partner brands are responsive to readers’ requests.

    Daniel is a Virginia native and enjoys fishing, campaign, and hiking.

  • John Block

    John Block

    Brands Manager

    A native New Mexican, John lives and breathes New Mexico politics, closely following local news in his home state and pro-life issues across the nation.

    A big Trump supporter, John most recently served as the PAC Manager for the Committee to Defend the President. He also volunteered on President Trump’s 2016 campaign in the primary and general elections.

    John previously worked as committee staff at the New Mexico House of Representatives, assisted with international and diplomatic relations at Chevron, championed pro-life policy at Americans United for Life, among other roles in the service industry.

    John earned a B.A. in Business Administration from Rutgers University and an M.B.A. from Eastern New Mexico University.

  • Jim

    J‌i‌m H‌‌u‌‌b‌‌er

    Web Developer

    Before there was a Contract with America, there was Jim building websites for conservatives. Fast forward to today, and he’s still at it, but for AMS.