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This IO adheres to standards and definitions as set forth in 4’s/IAB Standard Terms and Conditions Version 3.0 subject to the amendments specifically provide herein.

All content or linked content in advertisements placed with PLB are subject to review and approval by PLB in its sole discretion and may be called or rejected without cause.

Types of IO are defined as follows:

  • IAL (In-Article-Link): Client’s Call-to-Action and link to an approved landing page that is placed on PLB websites along or within content.
  • OIAL (Open In-Article-Link): This is an agreement to provide a an IAL to PLB, which PLB will then place within and around content on an ongoing basis, until the IO is closed by either the Renter or PLB. If Client wishes to review content prior to placement, it must be specified in the IO Notes.
  • RS (Rev-Share): Client/Renter agrees to provide PLB with a pre-determined percentage of the total amount raised under this IO. The percentage of the split in gross revenue will be noted in the RS percentage field as xx/yy, where xx is the percentage that will be due to PLB.
  • EM (Dedicated Email List Rental): Client/Renter agrees to provide compliant HTML to be placed in a standard wrapper for the property managed by PLB and sent to email names for a set fee. HTML provided to PLB is subject to modification for compliance and deliverability. Any substantive change to formatting or language will require approval from Client/Renter.
  • CPL (Cost Per Acquisition/Lead): Client/Renter agrees to pay a specified amount for each lead or acquired name generated under this Agreement.


Rev Share and IAL IO’s require Client/Renter to supply Performance Data to PLB to facilitate billing. This information must include the number of donors/customers, and the total income from donors/customers under this IO. Client/Renter agrees to provide this information in a timely manner to PLB. The window for this reporting data should be taken 2-4 days after a specified placement to ensure that all relevant response data is taken into account.

For dedicated email list rentals, PLB agrees to provide a Performance Data that shows the number of emails deployed, number of opened emails and the number of clicks from the deployed email(s) within 10 days of the final deployment. This data should be taken at least 24 hours after each deployment to ensure all relevant response data is taken into account.

Payment Terms

After completion of the IO and collection of Performance Data, an invoice will be issued by PLB to the Client/Renter. All invoices are due to be paid within 30 days unless otherwise specified and by a payment method specified in the invoice.

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